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Modern Infrastructure & Investment

Jason Fowler for Senate wants to ensure that Prince George's, Charles, and Calvert's roads, bridges and infrastructure receive priority in Annapolis.

Our main objective is to invest in the Southern Maryland Rapid Transit Project which will create a new light rail connecting lower Prince George's and Charles Counties to our DC Metro rail system. This transit project will reduce vehicles on the roads, connect vital governmental services to people, and offer a more environmentally friendly travel option for citizens. We would also like to connect the tri-county area by replacing dilapidated infrastructure such as the Thomas Johnson Bridge in Calvert County. 


We Are Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

Jason Fowler for Senate wants to ensure that every person in the State of Maryland is provided adequate, humane, and affordable healthcare. Americans on average pay 2 times the costs of other industrialized nations on healthcare and get not even half of the results. It is past time that we fight for each individual to have the healthcare they deserve. Prince George's County Maryland is one of the first jurisdictions in the Nation to enact a resolution supporting Medicare for All. It is time we implement that vision. It is time collect on our earned benefits from our tax money to provide this coverage for all.

In the Classroom


Our Kids, Our Future

Jason Fowler for Senate is pushing for change in Education for the betterment of our children. He will fight tirelessly to protect our schools. This campaign will work to incorporate Pre-K to every child in the State of Maryland public schools. Pre-K Education has been proven to be cost effective and benefits each and every child. The Blueprint for Maryland's Future DOES NOT include universal Pre-K. We will also fight to put classroom supplies into a schools budget so no classroom in the state goes without their needed supplies. Learn more and join the cause today.

Lake View


Clean our Rivers and Bay

Jason Fowler for Senate is advocating for major environmental policy initiative policies in respect to the environment.
The first is creation of a state-wide carbon tax. Such a tax could be a stop-gap measure used to fund environmental projects across the state to include buffer zone rehabilitation, green technology investment in rural and economically depressed communities, and invest in Bay Cleanup restoration. 

Fowler for Senate is also concerned with investments in Green Technology spaces. We will create a statewide framework for investment in our modernization of our energy grid to include sources from 100% renewable energy portfolios by 2040.


Fowler for Senate is also a passionate  for technology investment to reduce and even eliminate carbon in the atmosphere. Fowler for Senate is introducing legislation to join a State-wide pilot program with MIT scientists to test a new carbon elimination device that could return Earth to preindustrial levels of carbon after 40 years of operation.

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The Fight for Accountability   

Jason Fowler for Senate is committed to transformative and civilian-focused reform in the MD Criminal Justice System. While there have been progressive changes in recent history through the legislature there is much to be accomplished.

Jason Fowler for Senate is dedicated to ensuring that our citizens are treated with respect and our officers are given clear rules and responsibilities to perform their duties. We want to insure that those who step out of line are held to the highest standards to protect the public by the repeal of the Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights and its recently codified aspects that continue to plague justice. 

Jason Fowler for Senate is advocating for Civilian Elected Boards to work in conjunction with leadership in the varying departments to hire, review, and if necessary terminate any who do not live up to the standards of the public good. These Civilian Elected Boards will also have the ability to have subpoena power and can review any disciplinary matter in relation to officers. This Board will be elected on Gubernatorial election cycles.

Jason Fowler for Senate wishes to ban 'No-Knock Warrants' from being utilized in our State. The risk to the public and the officers executing the warrant is much too high nor does it correlate to our principles found in English common law. 

Business Conference


Here for Small Business

Jason Fowler for Senate is a strong supporter of growing small businesses in Southern Maryland. Jason, a small business owner of Fowler & Fowler Law, LLC, understands the difficulty of starting a business and making a living here. Promoting growth in small businesses across the district can be helped in many ways.
Jason Fowler for Senate would support creation and promotion of local events that highlight our businesses. Tourism is a strong way to help increase business activity in the county. Jason Fowler for Senate will support legislation and spending on needed infrastructure to create venues to create local economic growth.
The other great way to support local businesses is a strong marketing campaign for ours and neighboring jurisdictions to come visit us on the weekends or for special events. Our campaign would also support local tax deductions/credits for small businesses that hire local employees or offer remote working options for their employees.

Retirement Planning

Taking Care of our Retirees


As an attorney, Jason Fowler for Senate has the privilege of understanding the difficulty of navigating the tax code. As someone who also plans on trying to retire and live comfortably, I understand the desire of many to wish to relocate out of state to do so. This desire is not due to a lack of love for our great State but is out of necessity of living on a fixed income and wanting our dollars to go further. Here at the Fowler campaign, we believe that paying your taxes while you have worked should be rewarded. We are advocating to offer a large state deduction for seniors. Many states throughout the country do this and I believe we owe it to our seniors who live on fixed income.

We also need to increase the available housing that is suitable for seniors by passing legislation to require affordable housing minimums when projects are constructed. Retirees are also a great resource for part-time employment and even start businesses in their retirement years. Lets take care of our Retirees!

Expecting a Sibling


Supporting New Families

Jason Fowler for Senate is a strong supporter of paid parental leave. The United States is in rare company in the world for not offering paid maternity and paternity leave. Jason and his wife Tammy, have two children with one on the way. The first two months were a huge adjustment for them both times, and will be again. It was very difficult to continue to run their business, be alert, and perform their absolute best during that time. Honestly, they are not alone in needing parental leave.

Many of our workers in Maryland do not have the opportunity to bond with their children immediately after they are born or are financially able to take parental leave without pay. This is about promoting a better society and it starts by allowing new parents time to adjust to their change in life without the worry of performance at work.

Jason Fowler for Senate would support the creation of paid parental leave throughout the State of Maryland. We need to do this for our workers to increase worker productivity, be worker friendly, and support our employees that are going through a difficult transition with a new baby. Let support Working Families!