Progressive  Accountable   Dedicated 

Jason Fowler was born in the District in Clinton, Prince George's County and raised in Calvert County. After years serving our citizens as an attorney, Jason is seeking to become the next Senator in District 27 in Annapolis.


That is what being a politician is all about: service to the people. Our Team is comprised of activists and dedicated members of our community across racial, ethnic, gender identity, multicultural lines who are eager to have a Senator to accomplish Progressive legislation for our people. Jason is running on the Democratic Ticket and seeking to become District 27's first Jewish Senator in Maryland History.  


We are looking to implement some great policies that will reform our criminal justice system, create equality for the LGBTQ+ community, improve our education system, repair and modernize our transit infrastructure,  protect our environment and health of our citizens, and create jobs. 


Please look the site and let us know if you have any questions via our contact page!